What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that you receive exactly what you paid for. Sterile grains.

We will replace anything damaged during transit, and while we are 99.99% confident in our grain processes, if for any reason, your order becomes contaminated before it's been inoculated, we will refund or replace the affected order. We cannot help once your bag has been inoculated, and insist that growers allow grains to sit for 2 weeks if they are skeptical of the sterility of our (or any) sterilized mushroom grains purchased online.

What is your shipping timeframe?

Shipping takes place on Mondays. Orders placed prior to 9AM EST on Monday will be fulfilled that Monday. We offer NO RUSH SHIPPING.

What is your production capacity, can you help with commercial orders?

We can help with order volumes up to 10,000 bags/mo. Please contact us with inquiries and for bulk pricing.

Can you make custom blends or sizes?

Please contact us for consideration for commercial inquiries, all other custom requests will be declined.

Do your grains work well for all mushrooms?

Absolutely. No concerns on species preference, all commonly cultivated mushrooms can be grown on our grains.